Your Internet Marketing Campaign should start with a discussion of your business objectives, some goal setting, and an agreement on how to measure your results. An aggressive and well thought out internet marketing campaign can pay great dividends to a business by bringing in new customers and preserving a sense of community and loyalty among repeat customers. Internet marketing is still marketing, and it requires an understanding of who, what and where your market is, a thorough disussion of what your products and services are, and who your competition is. Goalsetting is equally important. If you are going to spend money on marketing, you will want to know what benefits you have received. This is all part of your basic internet marketing strategy.

Next, a social media marketing strategy needs to be set. If you plan to use Facebook, for example, your web design needs to reflect that relationship in its structure. It isn't enough to just tack on the Facebook "Like Us on Facebook" image somewhere in your main page. The same with your blogging strategy. Is it central to your customer communications, or is it an afterthought? Is the purpose of the blog to stay in touch with current customers or is it to make contact with new prospects?

Is your business dependent on a constant stream of new customers or are you building a loyal clientele or repeat customers? These very different kinds of business require different internet startegies. If you are a repair business, you will most likely benefit from a constant stream of new customers. You may want a website that generates repair orders and forwards them to your smart phone so that you can respond quickly to service calls.

If you own a hair styling salon, you will want to focus on retaining your loyal customers and encouraging them to come into your salon more often. You will want to focus on Facebook, a Blog, and maybe a carefully designed email campaign ( it is very important that your messages never be viewed as spam).

In either case, you may want to try Groupons or Craigslist. If you are trying to build a loyal following then Facebook advertising may serve you very well.