Marketing Your Website

As you establish your presence on the world wide web, it is important that you promote your website to your customers, your prospective customers, and to your community. You can do this by adding your URL (your web address) to your business cards, your cash register tapes, your display advertising, and even to your outdoor signage.

One of the newest tricks for doing this is QR coding. Quick Response codes are those square bar codes that we are starting to see everywhere. They usually contain a link to a website that can be scanned by a smartphone. When a smartphone owner scans a QR code, it typically takes the phone's browser straight to the website URL contained in the code. These codes can be printed on the back of your business cards, Realtors are starting to use them on listing signs in front of homes that are for sale. They can be used in print advertising to take a reader directly to a coupon or other offer.