Search Engine Optimization---

is the process of tuning your website's value so that the search engines (Google, Bing, Ask) will highly recommend your site when a reader searches for one of your keywords. Keywords are phrases that describe your business, your location, or your products. They need to be included in your web page titles, in the content of your site, and in your metadata (which is information that only other computers will typically read). It used to be, and some practitioners will still claim, that you could "trick" the search engines by including lots of keywords, or by creating lots of extra pages, or by soliciting lots of inbound links from other websites. While these tactics may still have some effect on your search engine results pages (SERP), in general they will cause more trouble than they are worth. Google has taken to changing their search algorithms on a regular basis and they may penalize your website if they feel that you are cheating. The most straightforward way to boost your search engine results is to provide a valuable website that readers will visit again, that they will recommend to others, and that is rich in content and is updated regularly.

This is a lot of work, and most small businesses cannot afford to dedicate a full time employee to these efforts. An affordable alternative is to hire a contractor who specializes in this business to help out. We at Glacier Peak Web Marketing specialize in small to medium sized business web marketing. Give us a call at 425-422-4620 or Email us!